Question: Where does your brand story begin?

Does it begin with your business card, blog, or bookmark? Maybe it begins with your bumper sticker or Podcast. Will it be some other touchpoint?

The thing is, we don’t always know where a customer, client, patient, or fan will make first contact with our brand.

This means that we don’t know when and where the story will begin or continue. But, we must be prepared.

Take Neiman-Marcus, for example. Their retail brand story begins or continues at its door handle. The handle says, “We take great care in offering you a great retail experience.” Their fixtures and dress style of sales associates tell the same story.

So, again, where will your brand story begin or continue? And, what story will you tell?

Well, that’s why it’s critically important that you perform a brand touchpoint audit. In other words, review all of the places your audience may come into contact with your message. This could be a bumper sticker, t-shirt, your book on the shelf at Barnes & Noble, a television interview, or appearance on an industry conference panel.

Although I will go deeper into brand touch-points in another post, here are three (3) things to consider: Pre-sale, during sale, and post-sale touch-points. 

There you have it. Okay, get on it.

Remember, you never know where the prospect’s first contact with your brand is going to be. So, make sure that your brand story is consistent.

Now, go fill your second cup.

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