The photo above is of the Tesla Powerwall. It is a household battery system that is charged by solar panels. It is designed to power your home just as your electric utility does now.

And, if you’re wondering, it is the same Tesla that makes, well, Tesla cars.

What’s important about this photo, from a branding standpoint, is the Telsa name and shape of the battery pack.

Here’s the name again but with its more familiar cars:

It’s the same design as it is on the battery pack, isn’t it?


The design of the Powerwall has a similar esthetic as do the cars. Of course, this is all by, well, design.

When you see the Powerwall, you think, “Yes, that looks like a Tesla car.” And, that’s exactly the response the good folks at Tesla are shooting for.

See, the marketers at Tesla understand the power of branding. More importantly, they understand the power of consistency and that being consistent in your design elements is just as important as being consistent in your messaging. After all, the physical design of your products or your packaging is a part of your overall messaging. All of these elements combine, when properly done, to form a single story.

The bottom line is, names, images, colors, and other brand elements take many exposures for them to sink in. But, if your colors and overall design changes each time a prospect is in front of you (your brand), then they are less likely to remember it and form a connection with your brand. So, consistency, my friend, is a must.

Of course, this is obvious, right?

Is it?

How many times have you seen a coder’s website exclaiming how professional and serious he is but his Instagram account only shows him drinking and having fun? Yeah, there’s a disconnect. Remember, everything about you tells a story. Just make sure that your story is consistent across all touch-points

Now, go fill your second cup.

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