You know, there’s a gold mine sitting on top of you.

Yeah, it’s called your brain. 

And, from it come ideas for the iPhone, Nest thermostat, Tesla cars, 4K televisions, apps like Instagram and websites like Facebook.

We all have his gold mine. We all have a brain. 

When we learn to tap into this gold mine, it’s like discovering a whole new life. It’s like a second cup of life.

This podcast is about mining that gold. It’s about filling that second cup.

It’s about making the transition from employee thinking to entrepreneurial thinking. That’s where all of the magic happens.

You’re going to learn how to spot million dollar opportunities. You’re going to learn how to awaken your creative soul and bring your ideas to life.

The first few episodes is going to be about you finding the entrepreneur inside. It means teaching you how to see with new eyes.

Marcel Proust said:

The real act of discovery consists not in finding new lands but in seeing with new eyes.

That means being able to see what everyone else does, but with new eyes. You are able to spot opportunities that were once sitting right in front of you.

You’re going to learn how to eliminate or reduce your doubt and fear. Because, what often keeps us is moving forward is fear. The fear of what others are going to think about our entrepreneurial venture. I’m going to share techniques and strategies from the field; from the trenches. 

Most of A Second Cup of Life podcast will consist of interviews – interviews with those who have undergone a second cup experience.

We’re talking about a school teacher who now runs a six-figure blog.

A former corporate manager who runs a mini fitness empire.

A physician who has a million dollar-plus speaking and advisory business.

Now, some are famous and others are not. What they all have is common is they have all had a second cup experience. They have made the transition from employee mindset to that of an entrepreneur.

Now, go fill your second cup.


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