Yeah, you’ve heard of it even if you’ve never used it or rarely do. With 700 million active users, yes, 700 million, there is a good chance many members of your tribe are among that number. This means there’s just another great opportunity to reach them.

Okay, cool, but how?

Instagram, as you may know, is all about photos. And, because it is photo-focused, if you will, it can be an outstanding storytelling and brand-building tool. 

Instead of telling you how, let us show you. Here are three companies – there are more – that tell beautiful stories and build their brand strategically using Instagram.

First up is Four Barrel Coffee (@fourbarrelcoffee). 

On their website, Four Barrel asks: “Where does great coffee come from? It comes from third-generation farmers and mill-workers in Latin America, Indonesia, and East Africa. And that’s where we go to find it, forging relationships that ensure quality of life for our producers, and high-quality coffee for our roastery in San Francisco.”

Four Barrel uses Instagram to tell this sourcing story. Here are a few examples from their Instagram account:



Next up is Havenly. Their Instagram bio describes them as, “Effortless online interior design starting at $79.” 

Havenly Instagram

Note how the story becomes more real when the Darlings are added. 


Kurly Klips brand themselves as, “The Original Kurly Clip-ins.” These are hair extensions for people with natural – read, curly – hair. While there are a plethora of hair extension vendors for straight hair for all textures, there were few or none for those who chose to wear their hair in it’s natural state. Thus, Kurly Klips was born. Entrepreneurship at its best. 

Here, Kurly Klips uses its Instagram account to share the stories of their customers:

Kurly Klips Instagram

Note the use of children in the photos above. Children evoke strong emotions. Here, they are used to reinforce the idea of loving who you are in your natural state.  

What’s important for each of these companies is their focus on the customer or client or product. They don’t make themselves the hero in the story. Keep this important fact in mind as you post to Instagram.

There you have it. 

Now, go tell your story, powerfully.

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